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Polychrome sphere - 101 Crystals
Polychrome sphere - 101 Crystals
101 Crystals

Polychrome sphere

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Polychrome Jasper is a crystal of exuberance, vitality and vibrance. It is a stone of Fire Energy, carrying the energy of action, emotion and passion. It is also the perfect stone for a personal talisman, as it helps to transform any areas of your life that you wish to be in a more desirable state. This stone is very healing and helps create a comforting feeling of safety, security and happy thoughts. Your mind will connect with the colors within the swirled, earthy pattern of the Jasper. Each of the colors symbolizes something different:

Scarlet: the color of strength & vitality. Combines the energy of the red ray and the joy of the orange ray.
Rose: the color of new love & new relationships. Inspires awe, rejuvenation and renewal.
Violet: brings magic back into your life, inspiring you to achieve your dreams. 
Greens & Turquoise: helps to temper excesses, relieve stress and restore calm after the storm. Helps to ward off harm and protect you.
Gold & Tans: brings happiness and cheerfulness. Helps you enjoy the simple things in life.

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